Our Team

Thom C-head shot.jpg

Thom is the owner of Carchedi Estate Sales. An early boyhood passion in antiques and collectibles spurred by his Aunt Mary Jane has led to a lifelong career in the world of antiques and reselling goods. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, he has called Tucson home for over 6 years after traveling throughout the United States in search of the perfect place to live and work with collectibles. 

Toni has been with Carchedi Estate Sales since its inception in 2011. She thoroughly enjoys researching and learning about the jewelry from each estate and can be found behind the jewelry counter at each sale. A native of Tucson, Toni has a funny side that she shares with customers.   

Tara works sales and is considered Thom's right hand woman. California raised, she has been in the Tucson community for over 30 years. She is a music teacher by day and naturally falls into the role of trouble shooting during sale time.  



Sara is our resident multitasked and is always eager to learn about the possessions of each sale. She is the fun, quirky presence with great tattoos and killer hair bopping from checking people out, setting up sales, to cleaning afterward. 

Jim is also retired and takes pleasure in helping people during each Carchedi Estate Sale. Don't let his 6'4" height fool you though, he is an easy going fellow with a heart of gold. 

Charlie is new to the team and is from Kingman, AZ. He helps on sale days with carry out and writing up sales. 

Heidi is the newest member of our team. She works the sales because of the joy she finds in antiques and always has the best smile and great mood to prove it. 

Kristen is the type of woman who has it all together. She is one of our part-time team members and assists Toni with jewelry.